Faster recruitment & better outcomes

SEEK Video Screen provides you with a quick and easy way to review a candidate’s presentation, motivation & cultural fit in order to simplify the early stages of your recruitment process.

Faster Recruitment
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Better hiring in 3 easy steps

An intuitive and easy to use platform for both you and your candidate

Step One

Setup your interview

Create a set of interview questions and a deadline for completion

Step Two

Candidates record their response

Candidates choose a time and place that suits them to respond on a device of their choice

Step Three

Evaluate with others

Review, share and shortlist relevant candidates based on combined feedback

Drive efficiencies, improve collaboration and make better hiring outcomes.

Video screening can help you at every stage of your recruitment process

For internal hiring teams

  1. Review more candidates in less time
  2. Make more informed hiring decisions and reduce turnover
  3. Share and review videos to reduce unconscious bias

For recruitment agencies

  1. Quickly identify the most relevant candidates for your client
  2. Provide more engaging and tangible information to your clients
  3. Increase candidate conversion rates and speed up your time to placement
Better Hiring

Why have over 5,000
customers signed up?

SEEK Video Screen has reduced recruitment time, and eliminated painful phone screens. It allows candidates to showcase their personality and cultural fit, ultimately ensuring we get the best candidates for the role.”

Laura Pearce


Purposeful People

“As part of our volume hiring, SEEK Video Screen gives us specific insights into candidates in much less time, and gives our candidates a positive experience that is fast and straight forward.”

Michael Virgo

Talent Acquisition Manager

National Australia Bank

“SEEK Video Screen has totally transformed the way we screen and select candidates. This has reduced bias, reduced our time to hire, and the feedback from our candidates has been very positive.”

Jenni Nelson

Recruitment Manager


“It’s not a replacement for face to face. It’s about getting the right candidates into interviews with clients sooner. SEEK Video Screen means we now spend most of our time with the right candidates.”

Mat Hobby


AXIA People

“We connect skilled refugees with companies around the world. SEEK Video Screen allows our candidates to put their best foot forward and introduce themselves to employers who can quickly get a sense of their personality and fit for potential roles.”

Madeline Holland

Project & Outreach Manager

Talent Beyond Boundaries

“SEEK Video Screen allows me to really see a candidates’ personality. I can see who is truly passionate, and really excited by the opportunity before we interview, saving considerable time for managers.”

Nerissa Susman

Human Resources Manager


“SEEK Video Screen has reduced effort, improved outcomes, and improved my brand. I love how easy it is to short list candidates and send my hiring manager a link to the best candidates.”

Trevor Vas

Director, Human Capital

Management Solutions

“We set out to recruit 130 new staff across all areas and levels. SEEK Video Screen was extremely valuable for getting a feel for each applicant and their fit for our organisation, saving us many hours. It is now an invaluable tool in our business.”

Glen Gillingham

Chief Executive Officer

Berrington Care Group

Even more…

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Both hirers and Job Seekers can use their device of choice to record, rate and review video interviews.

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Fully branded candidate experience

Customise with your company logo, colour scheme, welcome videos and video questions.

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Talent pooling made easy

Tag candidates' videos as talent pools for easy future reference.

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