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Video interviewing allows you differentiate yourself by showcasing your personality and professionalism beyond a resume. Respond to video interview requests at a time and place that suits you, on a device of your choice, and be more prepared to answer questions.

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Before you do your video interview, be sure to watch our tutorials.

Job Seeker Questions

Video interviews are increasingly being used by employers in the early stages of the recruitment process to help improve their chances of finding the perfect candidate for a role. How it works is the employer writes a few short questions, which you record yourself replying to, one by one. Video interviews help you present yourself....Read more

Not only are video interviews an efficient recruitment tool, they also provide a better picture of job applicants than other early stage recruitment techniques such as phone screening or online surveys. They can be completed in the comfort of your own home....Read more

As with other interview types, you should prepare for video interviews by researching the company, reviewing the job requirements and practicing your responses to common questions. However, with video interviews, there are other considerations including your technology setup, lighting, and finding the perfect location....Read more

Being able to ace a video interview is a new skill that candidates should be looking to master as this style of interview becomes more popular. Learning how to talk to an interviewer you can’t see and how to answer questions in an allocated time slot does take practice....Read more

Questions that are set in a video interview by potential employers tend to be introductory in nature and are designed to get a sense of who you are as an individual . We recommend to employers using the SEEK Video Screen by Spark Hire platform that they don’t make video interviews arduous for you. In most video interviews, you can expect....Read more

As a job seeker, if you don't have a webcam, you can utilize Spark Hire's mobile app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad) or Android devices to record your answers to interview questions.

Download the Spark Hire mobile application for iOS devices

Download the Spark Hire mobile application for Android devices

A few other options are to:

  • Borrow a webcam from a friend or family member
  • Borrow an iOS or Android mobile device from a friend or family member
  • Visit a public facility such as a library that has webcams available for the public

If none of these options work for you, please contact us and we'll walk you through the next steps. Please click here to contact our support team.

Once you enter your interview, you'll be taken through the following steps:

  1. Allow us access to your webcam and microphone
  2. Watch a quick welcome video
  3. Watch an in-depth tutorial video
  4. Complete a practice video
  5. View your first question
  6. Record your response
  7. View further questions and record responses until complete
  8. Submit your completed video interview

If you try to enter a video interview and see an error about the job being deactivated, you'll need to contact the company to let them know they need to reactivate the job for you to complete your interview.

We give companies the ability to set how many times a job seeker can record their answer. Your interview setup will therefore depend on how the company has chosen to set this up.

When doing a video interview, you'll see how many times you can attempt an answer for a question before you view the question. This will be referred to as takes.

The number of takes for a specific question refers to the number of times you can attempt to answer that question. When you run out of takes, you will no longer be able to re-record and your most recent answer will be submitted.

Yes, you can review your answers to each interview question before submitting them. If the employer has allowed you to retake your response, you will be able to decide on whether you want to submit your response or discard it and re-record. Once you have moved on to the next question, you cannot go back and review a previous answer.

You can start and stop your video interview if you are in a time crunch. For example, you can answer questions 1-3 today and 4-8 tomorrow. When you log back in to complete your interview, simply proceed to your interview as if you were starting it over again. The interview will show you an updated number of remaining questions and you will follow the normal steps to complete the video interview via:




  1. Do your research – find out about the company and the job requirements
  2. Check your deadline and make sure you complete your interview in time
  3. Remove all distractions – don’t let your pets, roommates or family interrupt you
  4. Tidy up – ensure your background looks neat and tidy
  5. Prepare – think about commonly asked questions so you are not caught off guard
  6. Lighting – make sure you record in a well-lit space
  7. Tech setup – ensure your microphone and camera are ready to go.
  8. Speak clearly and loudly – make sure your microphone can pick up on your voice
  9. Be aware of non-verbal cues – try to make eye contact, sit up straight to show confidence and make sure you smile!
  10. Be yourself – employers want to get to know you. Make sure you showcase who you are and why they should choose you
  1. Windows, mirrors or walls full of pictures, posters or knickknacks as your background
  2. Distractions such as a ringing mobile phone, pets, roommates or family members interrupting you
  3. Incorrect dress code. Look at the company careers website to get a feel for whether full corporate dress or more casual attire suits their culture
  4. Staring at yourself on screen can look clumsy. Do your best to look directly into the camera to make ‘eye contact’. Try raising your camera up to a level where you are looking straight at it
  5. Don’t be inauthentic. Employers want to see the real you so be yourself!
  1. Maintain eye contact to showcase strong communication skills
  2. Lean into the conversation to show your engagement
  3. Smile genuinely to promote positivity and comfort
  4. Control your fidgeting as these can distract viewers from what you are saying
  5. Remember to remain calm. If you are feeling stressed, take a breath, it’s not an interrogation!

Need help?

If you are a Job Seeker doing a video interview through SEEK Video Screen and need assistance, please click below to contact our support team.