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Pricing & Billing

Straight away! You will get access to start using the platform as soon as you complete your online registration. If you are not already a SEEK Advertiser, please first visit https://talent.seek.com.au/ and register an account (free) before purchasing SEEK Video Screen.

There are no implementation or setup fees associated with SEEK Video Screen.

With our Essential Plan, you can have 1 role open on the platform at any given time. A role only needs to be open during the time between sending candidates a request to complete a video interview and the deadline you give them to complete this (approx. 5-7 days). You can then close this role and open a new one to screen.

You have signed up for our Essential Plan where you can screen 1 role at a time. You are currently waiting for video interviews to be completed for a Sales Consultant Role with a deadline of tomorrow. Your colleague now needs to send out invites to screen their Help Desk Agent candidates as well.

You can either wait until tomorrow after your interview deadline to close off your role and your colleague can then open theirs. This will ensure you only have 1 role open at the one time so you can remain on our Essential Plan.

Alternatively, if your colleague cannot wait 24 hours as his needs are urgent, this would require 2 roles to be ‘open’ on the platform and an upgrade to our Standard Plan would be required.

Simply complete the online registration and agree to terms and conditions to gain access to SEEK Video Screen straight away. You will then be invoiced through your SEEK Advertiser account for the relevant plan selected. These invoices will be sent monthly on the day you choose to sign up i.e. 10th of each month. If you are not already a SEEK Advertiser, please first visit https://talent.seek.com.au/ and register an account (free) before purchasing SEEK Video Screen.

Video screen tools have proven to deliver massive time savings to businesses across the globe. Knowing that this may be a new technology for your business, we’ve focused on introducing a simple and low cost pricing structure to minimise your risks in using SEEK Video Screen. Our plans are extremely cost effective and fully flexible. You can sign up without committing to a minimum contract length and can upgrade, downgrade or cancel month to month. We therefore recommend signing up for our Essential Plan ($199 + GST) to trial video screen on a couple of roles. Should you decide it’s not for you, simply reach out to us to cancel your plan 7 days before your next invoice date.

Yes, there are no lock in contracts for SEEK Video Screen. Should you choose to cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access to your video interview content. If you sign back up again within a 6-month period however, your historic data will reappear for you.

15 users are included within all our plans. If you would like to add more users we can easily set that up. You can add as many users as you need for an additional cost of $20 + GST per user per month.


Yes there are integrations with 17+ partners which include JobAdder, Bullhorn, MyRecruitment+, Workable, Greenhouse, iCIMS, TRIS, PCRecruiter, Jazz, ResumeWare, Fast Workforce, BrightMove, ApplicantStack, ApplicantPro, The Applicant Manager, AkkenCloud & AcquireTM. Please contact us should you have further questions about how to enable these ATS integrations.

SEEK Video Screen is compatible with the most recent versions of all major browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer.)

Yes, absolutely.

Employers can login and watch candidates video interviews on your mobile or tablet. You can also share videos out of the platform with stakeholders, who can also use their mobile device to watch these without needing to login.

Candidates can access a very simple and easy to use app for iOS and Android. These apps allow candidates to use their mobile to record their video interview

Video interviews through the SEEK Video Screen platform are pre-recorded (not live). This format is ideal for streamlining the recruitment process and helping you to avoid lengthy scheduling delays.

Our Uncapped Plans for 12 months includes this facility. On these plans you would be provided access to download your video content. To discuss further, please reach out to your SEEK account manager or Enquire Here

No, the recipient will simply click on the share link you have sent them which will open a web browser on their device of choice. They can then watch and review candidate videos without needing to login.

You can share one or multiple video interviews with an unlimited number of stakeholders. They don’t need to be a SEEK Video Screen user to view, rate and comment on these videos. Sharing is easy.

There are 2 ways to share videos out of SEEK Video Screen:

  1. Basic Share Links – this is generated for each candidate. You can then copy and paste these links into a separate email or into your ATS next to each candidate record for future reference. Stakeholders are not able to leave feedback with this option.
  2. Advanced Share Links – you can include multiple candidates to share via the 1 link. Each stakeholder will receive an email with a link to open on their device of choice and you will be notified when this stakeholder watches the videos you share with them. If they leave feedback, this will then appear in the platform for you to see when you then log back in.

You can ask a maximum of 10 questions per interview with a maximum response time of 3 minutes per question.

You can determine this yourself for each question when you setup your interview.

There are three customization options:

  • How long the candidate has to consider the question before responding
  • How long the candidate has to respond to each question (maximum of 3 minutes)
  • How many times a Job Seeker can re-record their answer

We recommend being as flexible as possible with these settings to provide the best candidate experience.

Allowing a candidate the opportunity to amend their answer gives them the opportunity to present their best response. You can customize the options depending on your preferences.

There are three customization options:

  • How long the candidate has to consider the question before responding
  • How long the candidate has to respond to each question (maximum of 3 minutes)
  • How many times a Job Seeker can re-record their answer

We recommend being as flexible as possible with these settings to provide the best candidate experience.

Absolutely. You can customise the video interviewing experience to showcase your EVP and ensure a candidate feels like it is more personalized. The below options are available with all our plans:

  • Upload your company logo
  • Choose your colour scheme
  • Link your account to your social media profiles
  • Record welcome videos for each role
  • Record video questions

In this scenario you would need a different role open to screen for each location. The specific location is then reflected on the interview invite received by the candidate.

Completed video interviews will then be clearly associated with the location that candidate is wanting to work in, making the management of interviews much easier.

This is an outbound video recruiting tool where you can create personalised and branded videos at scale to engage everyone (candidates, employees and clients) in your recruiting process. A video message consists of a video and any supporting content you want to add for the recipients of your video message.

The video message you create gets embedded on a page that matches your company's brand settings.

There are two types of video messages:

  1. Public Video Message
  2. A general link, that’s intended to be viewed by multiple people, and the video message will be viewable to anyone that you share the link with although you can make it expire at any time.

  3. Private Video Message
  4. A customized link that is intended for a specific person, allowing it to be tracked when they open it.

The main difference between public and private video messages is that public video messages don't have specific recipients whereas private video messages require you to specify recipients so unique tracking links can be created for those individuals.

Yes, you can upload a video you have already recorded to your account as a Video Message.

There are two options for creating Video Messages:

  1. Record New Video: This will let you use the platforms video recorder to create a new video. This will automatically save to the platform in your video library for future use
  2. Upload Videos: Simply drag and drop your video file (mp4, mkv, webm or mov) to upload onto the platform. This will then be available within your video library for future use

Yes, you can share videos across social media to increase talent pipelines and showcase your personal brand along with your companies EVP. Simply copy and paste the share link to your website of choice.

Yes, you simply need to generate an embed code for your video message and then copy and paste this into the ‘Add a Video’ section when posting your SEEK Job Ad. Your video message will then appear within your Job Ad on SEEK, helping to increase engagement.

Yes, absolutely. You can have one Video Message created and then merge recipient information into your supporting content to make it feel personalized to each recipient. For example, you could have each candidate’s name appear within the title of your Video Message. You can then choose to generate a shareable link for each recipient so you will be notified when your Video Message is opened by each person.

SEEK & Spark Hire

With over 7 million candidate profiles and relationships with more than 130,000 hirers, SEEK is Australia's most trusted employment marketplace. To make recruitment easier for hirers and candidates alike, we've chosen to partner with leading US-based video interviewing platform Spark Hire. As the world's fastest growing video screen provider, Spark Hire has over 5,000 clients across 100 countries and we're excited to be able to offer you access to this cutting-edge solution.

Primary care and support for all SEEK Video Screen clients will be provided by local SEEK Sales and customer service teams. To contact SEEK, please call on AU 1300 658 700 or NZ 0508 733 569 Mon to Fri, 7am - 7pm AEST. You can also email us on videoscreen@seek.com.au

Job Seekers:
The SEEK Video Screen platform is built to be very user friendly with a strong emphasis on candidate experience. There is 24/7 technical support provided by Spark Hire should Job Seekers need further assistance. There’s also a dedicated Job Seeker support section they can access to understand how SEEK Video Screen works and how best to prepare for a video interview. Contact Spark Hire's technical support team here.

We are looking at integration options and will keep you updated. At this time, our recommended workflow to use these two platforms seamlessly is as follows:

  1. Candidates apply for your ad and an initial shortlist is created within the SEEK Advertiser Centre
  2. Login to SEEK Video Screen and setup an 'Open Interview' which will generate a hyperlink for you to invite candidates to interview.
  3. Select all shortlisted candidates in the SEEK Advertiser Centre and email them using the bulk email functionality
  4. Paste the hyperlink into your email and note the deadline you have setup for a candidate to complete their interview by
  5. Watch and rate candidate videos within the SEEK Video Screen platform (and share these via email where required)
  6. Move suitable candidates through to next steps within the SEEK Advertiser Centre and continue your recruitment process as usual

Absolutely. You will need to setup a free SEEK Advertiser Account to complete your registration and use SEEK Video Screen. This is for billing purposes only.

Please visit https://talent.seek.com.au/ and register an account before purchasing SEEK Video Screen.

Yes absolutely, this is not coupled with a SEEK Job Ad so you can utilise SEEK Video Screen no matter where your candidates' initial application came from.

As part of the partnership agreement between Spark Hire & SEEK, all candidate and hirer data for SEEK Video Screen customers is being stored within a Sydney-based AWS (Amazon Web Services) data center.

All activities in your SEEK Video Screen account will be stored for 12 months so long as you have an active contract. Should you choose to cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access to your video interview content. If you sign back up again within a 6-month period however, your historic data will reappear for you.

Yes, you can restrict permissions for each job. This allows you to select which users can access interviews and information related to that job

For example, users who don't have permissions for a job won't be able to:

  • See the job
  • Edit the job
  • View or create interviews for the job
  • View or create share links for the job
  • View analytics reports for the job

Video Screening

Technology is transforming recruitment processes and creating new efficiencies. One of the tools making life easier for employers is video screening. Video interviews most noticeably cut out the time spent on first-round screening and make it easy to collaborate with others in the hiring process....Read more

Most organisations use video screening in their early stages of their recruitment process to quickly identify whether a candidate is the right fit. We have clients of all types and sizes including large corporate and enterprise customers, small and medium business and Government departments using SEEK Video Screen and experiencing great results. For National Australia Bank, video screen is an essential part of the hiring process....Read more

We recommend allowing candidates 5-7 days to complete a video interview. Depending on how frequently a candidate checks their emails, some candidates may not see your invitation and may also have other conflicting activities in their schedule so the more flexible you can be with your deadline; the higher candidate completion rate you are likely to see. If you are in different time zones, ensure you take this into consideration as well.

A candidate’s personality can be assessed in a one-way video interview by knowing the right questions to ask.  Armed with the right mix of questions, employers can....Read more

Just like a face to face interview, first-time video screen candidates may be feel nervous about the engagement. Three or four well-formed and thought-through questions can provide you the information you need and make the candidate feel more at-ease. In regards to the type of questions you should as, we recommend....Read more

  • SEEK Video Screen interviews are based on pre-determined questions, set up for a candidate to respond to at a time that is convenient for them. Skype is more like a phone call, where both parties engage in a live conversation
  • Both hirers and candidates can participate in the interview process at their convenience without the need to coordinate timings and schedules
  • There is no software to download and recorded video interviews can be shared with stakeholders for feedback

Starting at $199 per month

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