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Purposeful People Logo

“SEEK Video Screen has reduced recruitment time, and eliminated painful phone screens. It allows candidates to showcase their personality and cultural fit, ultimately ensuring we get the best candidates for the role.”

Laura Pearce

Purposeful People

Talent Beyond Boundaries Logo

“We connect skilled refugees with companies around the world. SEEK Video Screen allows our candidates to put their best foot forward and introduce themselves to employers who can quickly get a sense of their personality and fit for potential roles.”

Madeline Holland

Talent Beyond Boundaries

National Australia Bank Logo

“As part of our volume hiring, SEEK Video Screen gives us specific insights into candidates in much less time, and gives our candidates a positive experience that is fast and straight forward.”

Michael Virgo

National Australia Bank

Bardot Logo

“SEEK Video Screen allows me to really see a candidates’ personality. I can see who is truly passionate, and really excited by the opportunity before we interview, saving considerable time for managers.”

Nerissa Susman


blueAPACHE Logo

“SEEK Video Screen has totally transformed the way we screen and select candidates. This has reduced bias, reduced our time to hire, and the feedback from our candidates has been very positive.”

Jenni Nelson


Human Capital Management Solutions Logo

“SEEK Video Screen has reduced effort, improved outcomes, and improved my brand. I love how easy it is to short list candidates and send my hiring manager a link to the best candidates.”

Trevor Vas

Human Capital Management Solutions

AXIA People Logo

“It’s not a replacement for face to face. It’s about getting the right candidates into interviews with clients sooner. SEEK Video Screen means we now spend most of our time with the right candidates.”

Mat Hobby

AXIA People

Berrington Care Group Logo

“We set out to recruit 130 new staff across all areas and levels. SEEK Video Screen was extremely valuable for getting a feel for each applicant and their fit for our organisation, saving us many hours. It is now an invaluable tool in our business.”

Glen Gillingham

Berrington Care Group

BAE Systems Australia Logo

"Shortlisting the hundreds of graduate applications we receive each year is always very labour intensive. With the goal of streamlining the process and reducing cost, we established an account with Spark Hire to implement one-way video interviews in lieu of those time consuming telephone screens. The product itself is very good and the service is exceptional."

Cathy Riach-Diener

BAE Systems Australia

Altara Group

“Using the tool, we have made over 1,500 candidate placements. Video interviewing was integral to helping us improve our submit to hire ratio by 80% while also increasing our placement speed by 50%. We quickly noticed that we were not only placing candidates in a fraction of the time, but also that we were making more money on every candidate we placed.”

Ray Isaac

Altara Group

Education Personnel Logo

"We wanted something that enabled us to get offshore teachers 'in front' of New Zealand school principals to showcase their personality and teaching experience. Watching the completed videos, being able to use them in multiple ways, and hearing the positive feedback from clients is amazing!"

Lynda Western

Education Personnel

Snap Talent International Logo

"The results have been incredible. I have clients that specifically give me more job orders because of the technology. 50% of my clients won't see a candidate if they haven't completed a video interview. Since I started, I have had a success rate of over 85% with placements and a retention rate of 95%."

James Harman

Snap Talent International

The Star Entertainment Group Logo

"Our moment came when we recruited 126 new team members within a six-week period. Video interviewing allowed the team to screen huge volumes of applications without having to compromise the quality of hire."

Melissa Sloane

The Star Entertainment Group

199 Recruitment Logo

“A great tool for recruiters and provides our clients with another innovative way in which to carry out their recruitment. I have also found the customer service to be very efficient.”

Daniela Lopez

199 Recruitment

AMS Retail Solutions Logo

"This has been an asset to our company. The platform helps us get a real feel for a potential new candidate. It also has helped our Regional Managers have the ability to view a candidate, and not necessarily have to travel to the candidate’s location. As the Recruiter, I have been very pleased with the services and the user-friendly website."

Candra Vallejo

AMS Retail Solutions

AcademyX Logo

"Whenever we post job openings where we expect to get more than 50 responses, we encourage applicants to answer three simple questions: tell us about yourself, what are you best at, and why aren't you working at your prior jobs any more? The responses we get are SO much better than sifting through resumes and trying to extrapolate from a PDF to what an applicant is really like."

Stephen Fraga


Adcap Network Systems Logo

“For some of our roles, we receive several thousand resumes, so screening them all on the phone isn’t feasible. Now, we can look at more candidates in less time to find diamonds in the rough. It is also great to be able to share the interviews and put a face and personality with a name before they even come through the door.”

Brad Wilkins

Adcap Network Systems

Amtec Logo

"We very much enjoy using the product. It's easy to access and simple to use. The whole team is very helpful and attentive to our needs. It helps us screen candidates more thoroughly without having to bring them into our office and we can even share the video with our client to save them time as well."

Candice Sherman


Calibrate Ventures Logo

"The solution was instrumental in me being able to quickly and efficiently hire an Executive Assistant. Given that we are a small firm, we don't have a full blown HR team, but it allowed me to quickly narrow down 200 applicants to a shortlist of 8 candidates. We hired someone within a month and I never would have been able to do it as quickly without the product."

Kevin Dunlap

Calibrate Ventures

Coordinated Project Installations, Inc. Logo

“It's great! Using it helped us find a fantastic new admin assistant. The interview process was fast and easy and really saved us time on countless in person interviews. My favorite part was that if we could see early on in the interview that the candidate wasn’t a good fit, we could simply skip to the next candidate instead of sitting through a full interview.”

Rich Vitali

Coordinated Project Installations, Inc.

First Community Federal Credit Union Logo

“As a direct result of screening our applicants with the platform, we’ve noticed higher hiring manager satisfaction with our post-screening interviews, and we’ve been able to hire over half the applicants who make it through the screening process!”

Ben Puffer

First Community Federal Credit Union

FluentStream Technologies Logo

"The platform has had a positive impact on not just saving us time in the hiring process, but also allowing us to be more effective in making the right hiring decisions. As a growing startup company, we can’t afford to make mistakes and hire a new employee that doesn’t work out. Thus, we focus on finding candidates that fit well with the company culture, and video interviewing makes that task a lot easier."

Josh Ellis

FluentStream Technologies

Global Leadership Adventures Logo

“This is a great way to learn more about an applicant. It is great to be able to use technology to your advantage when looking to hire new staff, and really get a feel for who they are and their body language as they go through the questions.””

Carly Tucker

Global Leadership Adventures

Gusto Logo

“From the start, everyone on our team was really on board and excited to try out the tool. It’s great for positions where you have multiple openings and pretty refined process. It lets us see the candidates in their own element and added some personality to a typically static resume. We couldn't have made these hires had it not been for the video interview process. It was so easy to get started with and we enjoyed using it.”

Erin Colbert


HFI Consulting Logo

"It is a great platform that allows me to get a quick look at my top candidates so I can determine who to bring in for an in-person interview. From there, I’m able to hire the best fit person for the role. It saves me a lot of time and my candidates see the legitimacy of my company. I receive great support and follow up from the team and will use them for all of my company’s hiring needs."

Casey Clark

HFI Consulting

Havas Edge Logo

“The video interview process is a real timesaver! My hiring team can communicate effectively about the candidate’s performance and the next steps to take. I highly recommend this process to any company serious about making an impact on their candidate base as well as showing a technological savvy that other employers may not have.”

Tiffany David

Havas Edge

Hunter Ambrose Executive Search Logo

“This is the #1 - Page Titles video interviewing software on the market - without exception. Utilizing them for every client has fast-tracked our recruitment cycle by 50%. The product, customer service and ease of use is superlative. Not using the tool is akin to not using a telephone to recruit. It's that valuable and the ROI is tremendous with every video interview.”

Nicole Barbano

Hunter Ambrose Executive Search

Ifbyphone Logo

“The software is easy to use, the candidates like having the chance to do the video interviews and the customer service is top notch. In HR, I work with many vendors from Benefit providers to ATS systems and they are one of the easiest and friendliest providers to work with.”

Megan Flanagan


IncrediFlix Logo

"At IncrediFlix we hire a lot of instructors each year in many different states with the solution. Our applicants can conveniently choose when and where to interview. Even with different schedules, our entire team is able to see all of those interviews and does not have to rely on memory to further review candidates before making a decision. We plan on using this for a long time to come."

Tobin Felfe


Independent School Alliance Logo

"Hiring managers invest so much time in the screening of candidates, that it takes away from the work day. I found the tool to be a convenient way to do candidate vetting and screening on my own time, and thus move candidates to finalist consideration much quicker. It's a fantastic way to save time, and identify team and culture fit, early on."

Keishia Gu

Independent School Alliance

mcgarrybowen Logo

"The video interview process with them has been an amazing addition to our recruiting process. We have been able to get better quality candidates in less time with this new tool. All of our hiring managers keep raving about the way they can create questions based around the particular skill set they are seeking."

Claire Wietig


Mentored Logo

“This helped me to quickly and easily vet candidates for my company. I got to 'know' the candidate and gauge whether they would be a good fit before taking up too much of their time. We made about 40 hires using the solution!”

Sean Connor


Meridian Resources Logo

“Their customer service is out of this world. Their response to inquires and help were so expedient that we felt like we were their only customer. The website is user-friendly for both the interviewer and the interviewee.”

Angela Tinnell

Meridian Resources

MeySen Academy Logo

“The video interviewing platform has helped us with eliminating applicants that don’t meet our minimum requirements and we’ve reached the goal of eliminating wasted time that is spent on proceeding with a full interview. From the beginning, everyone was really on board and excited to try out video interviews. Within a few minutes, we had an idea as to whether or not this applicant would be a cultural fit.”

Melissa Elder

MeySen Academy

National Association of Church Personnel Administrators Logo

“We are more than satisfied. They provide exceptional customer service and support at a very affordable price which is important to us as a non-profit organization. Our candidates found the whole process of interviewing to be easy. We did make some excellent decisions on final interviews based on the use of the solution.”

Mary Jo Moran

National Association of Church Personnel Administrators

Oliver Staffing, Inc. Logo

"I cannot say enough good things about this product. My candidates find the service easy to use. My Account Manager and the Tech Support Manager are simply amazing. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with their incredible team!"

Bree Gurin

Oliver Staffing, Inc.

Peoplescape Consulting Logo

“Using this has allowed us, as a mid-size consultancy, to save time in the recruitment process, as well as to get a genuine look and feel for the candidates before using resources to schedule in-person interviews. The customer service and sales team have been helpful and a joy to work with throughout this process.”

Jennifer Arroyo

Peoplescape Consulting

Port of Long Beach Logo

“Our experience with them has been beyond amazing. The program is easy to use for both the administrator and the candidates. Along with a great product, they provides customer service that exceeds your expectations.”

Molly Worthy

Port of Long Beach

Redmond School District Logo

​​“As school Principals continue to evolve into instructional leaders, the video interview platform is not only saving valuable Principal time in the candidate pre-screening process, but also supporting our commitment to hiring the highest quality educators for our students.”

Lynn Evans

Redmond School District

Rethink Group Logo

"They delivered the results that we sought from a video interviewing platform. It was very simple to use and required little training in order to set things up. It was great to see a product that can be easily branded at a minimal cost. Our candidates found the tool intuitive and I would recommend this to any company seeking to streamline their candidate selection stage."

Marc Hughes

Rethink Group

Stellar Logo

"The customer service is exceptional, just off-the-charts amazing. I always feel like their top priority. Their product is easy for both my use and potential candidates. The tool sets us apart from the rest, and saves our clients time and money. We think you'll find it improves your time to place candidates. It also helps my colleague and I collaborate when we're not both in the office."

Synda McCormick


SurveyLocal Logo

“We used the solution to screen over 200 applicants and it was a huge time saver. Having used other video interview tools I like how flexible they are with the product tiers and price points. It was the best fit for our company and we plan on using it for all future hires.”

Chad Williams


Tulpehocken Area School District Logo

“It has made a huge difference in our hiring process. It allows for the district to get more involved in the early part of the interview process so we make sure we hire the best person. With this tool, the interview process is way more transparent. To date, we have hired 12 individuals using Spark Hire.”

Dr. Edward Alpert

Tulpehocken Area School District

University of Wisconsin Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic Logo

"We have used them for our past two hiring cycles with great success. The price, ease of use, and reliability are the best. Our students/applicants like that they can do the video until they get it right, so it results in higher quality answers."

Jeffrey Glazer

University of Wisconsin Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic

Widener University Logo

“This was the solution I have been waiting for. Much better than the rest of the similar services out there. The platform is easy to use and customer service was AMAZING! I frequently received follow up emails and calls just to make sure I was comfortable with the product. We made 18 hires!”

Austin Duckett

Widener University